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This is Ilse DeLange
Ilse DeLangeIlse de Lange (later her name has become Ilse DeLange), a blonde, blue eyed girl from Almelo (a town in the eastern part of The Netherlands). 25 years old, born on Friday the 13th of May 1977 (ooooh, that is a bad day to be born! *lol*), in Almelo), but already a big country star in The Netherlands. And it won't last long till she's a big star in Europe, America and the rest of the world. With her wonderful voice and her typical country-sound she surprised the Dutch music lovers. Her first hit single "I'm not so tough" jumped in June 1998 into the charts and it became a big summer hit in The Netherlands. She has settled herself into the Dutch music world with big hits. After "I'm not so tough", "I'd be yours", "World of Hurt" and "When we don't talk" ("Flying blind" has never been into the charts) it was clear that she was, and still is a good singer! Still is, because "Livin' on Love" is her last and wonderful album. 
It is really amazing Ilse has become such a big star in The Netherlands. Country music is not very popular in The Netherlands. Maybe it is the way she brings country. Her music is based on country, but you can also hear some influence of folk and soul. Ilse does not want to be put in the Country & Western scene. "It is my music, but I do not want that country look. Country is okay, but no cowboys."
More than 450.000 albums sold of World of Hurt
Not long after the single "I'm not so tough" her album "World of Hurt" came into the album charts. Ilse dancing or somethingMore than 450.000 cd's are sold (on the 3rd of October 1999 Ilse has been rewarded with a platinum record and 28th of February 2000 the reward for the 400.000 copies!) and that number is still rising! And after the hit singles "I'm not so tough", "World of hurt", "I'd be yours" and "When we don't talk", she visited Nashville again to write and record songs for her new album that will be released in November this year. Before she went back to the studio, she toured in The Netherlands... But she not only toured in The Netherlands.  Also in other country's for example Great Britain!
"Livin' on love" is a track from the same titled album. This song was the first single released after a long time. The Dutch radio stations were playing this single many times a day. But although, the song has not been in the charts for a long time. The second single "I still cry" also has not been in the charts for a long time. "Livin on Love" was a bigger hit, but it will not be played much on the radio in future, because it has not been high in the charts.
Her last visit in the Dutch hitparades was in April of this year (2002). She has sung a duet with the Rosemary's Sons, calles "Shine".
With "Livin' on Love" the public has heard Ilse's music has grown older and even better. It contains a lot of ballets. A wonderful piece of work! But where is that typical country-sound, that we have heard on "World of Hurt"? Is Ilse also on her way to make 'normal' pop music? Let us hope not! Shania Twain also quit making country music. Her songs have now a high 'Britney Spears' level; not very amusing. Ilse explained in a recent interview, that country music is a very broad type of music. Not only those typical garth Brooks songs, but also the songs you hear on her new album!
Goodbye America
Warner Nashville is out of the picture for Ilse. They were after money and business was the only thing that was important for them. Ilse cd "World of Hurt" only got high sales in the Netherlands: Ilse's new lookhundred thousands of cd's! The people of foreign countries (like America) did not buy her album. Money and business is not important for Ilse. It is the music! And that is why Warner Nashville has closed the door. Music comes after money! Ilse has now a Dutch contract, also at Warner Records. Not long after the recordings also the band has broken up. Ilse has now a new band, that suites well. Read more here about the break-up!
For a couple of years ago only a small number of people liked country music. Now it's an accepted kind of music. Look for example at Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes and Trisha Yearwood. They are also country singers and they have had and still have (like LeAnn Rimes now!) big (country) hits!
In summertime last year Warner introduced a new album from Ilse called "Dear John". It contains only live tracks, all written by John Hiatt. The whole album was recorded during her concert in Paradiso Amsterdam on may 26, 1999. There are only 100.000 pieces of "Dear John" available and only in The Netherlands. It is a live & limited album, which has passed the 100.000 sold cd's. And that is remarkable, because there were only 100.000 pieces, according to Ilse's management.
Ilse 'Al Bundy' DeLange
Before Ilse was a star, she worked in a shoe store to earn some money. She had a dream of becoming a big country star. She made some tapes, played a couple of songs in some shows. Already when she was 10 years old she played on sound mix- shows. And then, in 1997, there was Warner records. She recorded her first album "World of Hurt" in Nashville (America), heaven of country! Here dream has come true!
Ilse does not live in Almelo anymore. With her boyfriend  (Bart Vergoossen from the band!) she stays in Arnhem. But she is not much over there. She is on tour again. It is a very busy life. Her concerts and a friendship costs, as you probably know,  also a lot of time. It is a big change in her life. She quit school to put all her energy into her career. She is still very surprised of the fact she is a star. She can't believe it...
Old look Ilse with an ice-cream
Ilse DeLange & Band
Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ilse DeLange
Peter Tiehuis
Joost Vergoossen
Theo de Jong
Piano & Hammond
Will Maas
Bart Vergoossen
Martin Verdonck

It's a big dream: "I am the dreamer and you are the dream."

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