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On the 30th of July 2000 Ilse sent an message to the bulletin board of the Official Ilse DeLange homepage. The band has split up. There has been some gossip around for some time about this. It is true. This is the message Ilse has sent (translated into English):
Hi everybody,

Because there has been some commotion about the band, I would like to react about this. It is true, the band has broken up. There was just a difference about the opinion of music. I wish all the best for the boys, and that they will achieve the goals they would like to achieve. We have gone through a great time, which the memories will remain as good memories.
Besides of that things are going very well. Bart and I are in Nashville to finish the album!! I think it sounds great!! Yesterday we started the mixing of it.
It is very hot and sunny, but we are the whole day in the studio, so we do not see/feel much of the sun and the heat.

I want to play!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that is what I wanted to say!!
Well, greetings and all the best!

Ilse's letter in Dutch
( Thanks to the Official Ilse DeLange page!