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1. I'm Not So Tough
2. You Are The Dream
Released on 20th May 1998  (Ex-3FM Megahit)
Cover I'm not so tough
Cover World of Hurt 1. World Of Hurt
2. What Does Your Heart Say Now
14th August 1998 (Ex-3FM Megahit)
1. I'd Be Yours (limited)
2. All The Answers (live)(and only on limited edition)
3. I'd Be Yours (live)
13th November 1998
Cover I'd be yours
Cover When we don't talk 1. When We Don't Talk
2.You Can Love Yourself (live)
5th March 1999
1. Flying Blind
2. What Does Your Heart Say Now
3. Old Tears
21st June 1999
Cover Flying blind
Cover Livin' On Love 1. Livin' On Love
2. Let Him Fly
13th October 2000 (ex Radio 2 paradeplaat)
1. I still cry
2. Who knows
09th March 2001
cover I still cry

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