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Poll results

From August 2003 till the 24th of March 2004 visiters has voted for Will you buy her new album Clean Up? Eighty percent of the poll-voters have bought or will buy this album of Ilse DeLange. Twenty percent does not want her album at all.

Album Poll

(August 2003 - March 2004)

From December till the 24th of June 2001 visiters has voted for Have you bought her album and do you like it? Almost everybody, who have bought the "Livin' on Love"-album likes it. It is curious that still more than 10 percent hates her new album. Maybe they have not listened to it.

poll 3
(December - June 24th)


In November of 2000 we had the Album poll; will you buy her album? The results are great. Almost everybody (88%) has already bought, or will buy Ilse's new album.

The results of the Album poll
(November 2000)

The results of the'Livin' on Love-poll. As you can see most people think it is a cool single. Only three think it is just another record from her, just like all those other singles. 

The results of the Livin' on Love poll
(October 2000)