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Ilse DeLange wins the 'Cultuurprijs Overijssel'

GOOR-THE NETHERLANDS - On a quiet and concentrated moment of Ilse's show on Saturday the 22rd of September a strange low motor sound fills theater 'De Reggehof' located in Goor. A real Harley Davidson drives to the stage. Ilse is surprised, so are all the visitors. The Overijsselse culture man Jan Kristen handed Ilse the award. She really was very surprised. "I did not know anything about this. It is really surprising.... Unbelievable..."
The Cultuurpijs Overijssel is a Dutch culture-award of Overijssel, worth 10.000 Dutch guilders. Besides the amount of money, she also may choose a art thing.
After she had received the award, she went on playing.... very self assured. That's Ilse!