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Old Tears

Walking that line, saying I'm fine
thought I kicked you off my mind long ago
though you tore me apart when you broke my heart
I never, ever, ever let it show
I can't keep this storm inside me anymore
I can't stop this rain that's got to poor

I'm crying old tears
the dam is breaking after all these years
and you know what... I don't care
I don't care who sees me cry
I've been so strong
but there's no way that I can move on
no, this pain will never disappear
until I cry these old tears

Just the littlest thing
the sound of your name
I start to feel this ache inside my soul
I try to lock it all in, push it all down
it's just so hard to keep it in control
I could fill the ocean baby, I'm so blue
the only way that I'll get over losing you

- Chorus -

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