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All The Woman You'll ever Need

You come to me crying with your head hung down
you say that you're trying
but you can't change now
I now your pain is real
I know you're hurt but still
there's just so much you can do

Ashes on the table, shoes on the floor
talking like a hundred other times before
you know I'm into you, you know my love is true
I just don't know what else to do

'Cause I'm not your saviour, I can't part the sea
I ain't a genie, I got no tricks up my sleeve
I don't have the answers, I don't hold the key
but I'm all of the woman that you,
that you'll ever need

If you're looking for lover, baby here I am
but I'm only human so please understand
I can't take back your bad times,
turn water into wine
just what am I supposed to do

- Chorus -

I'm all of the woman that you'll ever need
I'll rock you gently when you're feeling weak
but honey it's not fair if you don't do your share
who's gonna take care of me

- Chorus -

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