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Listen to Ilse
Click on the pictures next to the title of the song you want to listen to. Your browser will start a java-applet and after a while (depends on how fast your Internet connection is) it will play the song. Those tracks are samples, so they are not the whole song. Also the quality is very low to make it al run faster.
Technical facts: Wave audio (mono, 17Kbit/s 11KHz) Lenght: 60-90 seconds 

World of Hurt(studio)
Play song!1. Flying Blind 143 Kb 

Cover World of Hurt

Play song!2. Lonely Too 179 Kb 
Play song!3. Just Like The Moon 160 Kb 
Play song!4. What Does Your Heart Say Now 166 Kb 
Play song!5. I'd Be Yours 173 Kb 
Play song!6. World Of Hurt 173 Kb 
Play song!7. All The Woman You'll Ever Need 177 Kb 
Play song!8. If You Had The Heart 157 Kb 
Play song!9.Flying Solo 146 Kb 
Play song!10. Old Tears 197 Kb 
Play song!11. I'm Not So Tough 134 Kb 
Play song!12.When We Don't Talk 160 Kb 
Play song!13. Tap Dancing On The Highwire 140 Kb 
Play song!14. You Are The Dream 160 Kb 

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